Role of members of the Commission and staff

Chief of the Commission and Tribunals and members of the Commission

Section 15 of the Alberta Human Rights Act (AHR Act) provides that the Chief of the Commission and Tribunals and members of the Commission are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Currently there are eight part-time members and one full-time member of the Commission, and a full-time Chief of the Commission and Tribunals (CC&T).

The CC&T is responsible for keeping the minister with responsibility for the Commission informed on human rights issues, for setting the overall goals of the Alberta Human Rights Commission, and providing the members of the Commission and director with guidance regarding these goals.

The members of the Commission and CC&T play an adjudicative role in complaint resolution and settlement. Their work is separate and distinct from the work done by the director. The CC&T reviews appeals of decisions made by the director to dismiss or discontinue complaints. The CC&T also appoints members of the Commission to serve on human rights tribunals. The members of the Commission serve on human rights tribunals for the purpose of making quasi-judicial decisions about complaints.

Director and staff

An appointed director and employees handle the administrative responsibilities relating to the resolution and settlement of complaints made under the AHR Act. The director may be appointed by Order in Council.

The director and staff are responsible for the resolution of complaints using the tools provided in the legislation: conciliation, investigation, dismissal and discontinuance. If the director and staff cannot resolve a complaint that has merit, the director sends it to the CC&T, who, under the AHR Act, must establish a human rights tribunal to hear the case. The director and staff carry out their complaint resolution duties independently from the CC&T and members of the Commission.

In keeping with the purposes of the AHR Act, the director and employees also provide public information, education and consultation services.

Revised: March 20, 2014


The Alberta Human Rights Commission is an independent commission of the Government of Alberta.

Due to confidentiality concerns, the Commission cannot reply to inquiries about specific situations by email. Please call the Commission's Confidential Inquiry Line if you have a specific question.

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