Complaint statistics: sections cited


Complaint grounds cited by section of the Alberta Human Rights Act (2016-17)

An individual complaint may cite more than one protected ground and more than oneprotected area of the Act. A total of 2,657 grounds were cited in the 923 complaints opened in 2016-17.


Employment practices (Section 7)                                                     82%

Goods, services, accommodation or                                                 13%
facilities (Section 4)

Tenancy (Section 5)                                                                           2%

Applications and advertisements                                                       2%
re: employment (Section 8)

Retaliation (Section 10.1)                                                                  1%

Membership in a trade union, etc. (Section 9)                                   1%

Equal pay (Section 6)                                                                       <1%

Frivolous or vexatious complaints
with malicious intent (Section 10.2)                                                  <1% 

Publications, notices (Section 3)                                                         0%                                                       

Total                                                                                              100%*

*Percentages have been rounded

Revised: March 26, 2018

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