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Complaint statistics: sections cited

Complaint grounds cited by section of the Alberta Human Rights Act
April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021

This provides information on the number of grounds and areas cited in the 903 new complaint files opened in 2020-21. Each complaint may cite more than one ground and area.

​Protected areaPer cent of total
​Employment practices (section 7)​73%
Good, services, accommodation, or facilities (section 4)​22%
​Tenancy (section 5)​3%
​Applications and advertisements re: employment (section 8)​2%
​Retaliation (section 10.1)​<1%
​Membership in trade union, etc. (section 9)​<1%
​Publications, notices (section 3)​<1%
​Equal pay (section 6)​<1%
​Frivolous or vexatious complaints with malicious intent (section 10.2)​<1%


Revised: March 21​, 2022

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