Actions in another forum

Under the Alberta Human Rights Act:

  • The Director may consider whether a complaint should be dealt with in another legal forum, or whether it is scheduled to be heard or has already been dealt with in another forum or under other legislation. In these cases, the Director may refuse to accept a complaint.

  • The Director may also accept the complaint pending the outcome of the action in the other legal forum. This means that the complaint would be accepted, but no action would be taken until the other matter was resolved, or the Director decided to proceed.

In either of these cases, under section 22(1.1) of the Act, the Director may ask for:

  1. Submissions from the potential respondent before making a final determination on whether the complaint will be accepted for processing;

  2. Further submissions from the complainant on how to proceed; and

  3. Submissions from an affected party such as a trade union.

The parties will be informed of the Director's decision regarding an action in another legal forum.


Revised: February 25, 2020

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