Notice of Revisions to the Human Rights Complaint Resolution Process

A printable PDF version of this Notice is available.

The Alberta Human Rights Commission is launching revisions to its complaint resolution process. The revisions will affect the way that complaints received after January 1, 2019 are processed. We are responding to the need to change our management of complaints so that the large volume of complaints the Commission receives are resolved in a timely, effective, and fair manner.

The goal of the revised complaint resolution process is to resolve complaints within one year of acceptance. Streamlining services and maximizing the use of technology will assist in better serving the needs of Albertans. The key components of the Commission’s revised complaint process are described below.

  • All human rights complaints accepted after January 1, 2019 will be assigned to a human rights officer who will review the complaint and response, and then determine whether the complaint will be resolved through an early resolution process, the Investigation Process, or the Conciliation Process. On completion of the appropriate process, a recommendation will be shared with the parties and submitted to the Director of the Commission for a decision either dismissing or discontinuing the complaint, or referring the complaint to the Tribunal for a hearing.

  • Strict timelines will apply to all parties in each step of the complaint resolution process. The timelines will be reasonable, and will serve to discourage unreasonable delay in the proceedings that can prejudice the fair resolution of a complaint.

  • The Commission’s confidential inquiry line and website will offer a self-assessment that allows people who feel they have experienced discrimination to assess whether they are eligible to make a complaint. The website will offer a range of information to assist people in understanding the revised complaint resolution process and other human rights issues.

  • New technologies that will be used to support a streamlined process will include: a more efficient phone inquiry system; improved website functionality; increased use of email for correspondence; improved online fillable forms; and a new internal database system that will support a more efficient process from inquiry to complaint resolution.

  • Internally, the Commission will shift from a regional model where complaints were distinguished between those filed in the north and south of the province, to a service-based model, where complaints will be managed by the process that is most likely to lead the parties to a resolution. The Commission will use a provincial phone number and an email address will now be available for receiving complaints.

The Commission is working to promote efficient and effective complaint resolution.  New systems will provide improved support and increased efficiency. The Commission’s goal is to implement changes as quickly as possible. Further adjustments may be made as revised processes are refined, because it is important for the Commission to take advantage of all opportunities for improvements.

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If you have an existing complaint or inquiry at the Commission, please contact your assigned human rights officer directly to determine how this will affect the resolution of your human rights complaint. 

Our website has more information concerning the revisions to our process and on topics of interest about human rights in Alberta. Please visit our website:

If you have a general inquiry, you can access recorded information at:
Alberta Human Rights Commission: 780-427-7661
To  call toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000 and then enter the area code and phone number.
TTY service for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing: to call toll-free in Alberta, dial 1-800-232-7215.
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