Human rights complaint form and guide

Self-assessment (continued)

Human rights law in Alberta only covers the areas of life or work called protected areas. The possible discrimination must also relate to a ground protected by the Act. Learn more about the protected areas and grounds. Learn more about common human rights issues: duty to accommodate, harassment, and pregnancy.

3. Did the incident take place in one of the following protected areas?

• Your employment or application for employment
• While getting services or goods
• In an accommodation or facility
• In your tenancy
• In membership in your trade union or some other employer's organization
• In the publication or public display of materials
• In receiving unequal pay for equal work because of gender
• In retaliation for involvement in a human rights complaint

Yes or No

4. Were you treated unfairly because of one of the following protected grounds?

• Physical or mental disability
• Race, colour, ancestry or place of origin
• Religious beliefs
• Marital status or family status
• Gender, which also includes issues concerning pregnancy and sexual harassment
• Gender identity or gender expression
• Sexual orientation
• Source of income, such as government assistance or disability pension
• Age

Yes or No

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Thank you for completing this self-assessment.

If you have answered Yes to all four questions, download a complaint form.

If you have answered No to any of the questions, the Commission may not be able to accept your complaint. Learn more about making a complaint or see further information in the complaint form's guide. Contact a lawyer or other legal resources if you require legal advice. If you still wish to make a complaint, download a complaint form.


Revised March 24, 2020

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