Case Inventory Resolution Project

Investigation Stream


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The Alberta Human Rights Commission is launching the Case Inventory Resolution Program to deal with the case inventory more efficiently through streamlined processes. Some complaint files have been waiting a significant time in the queue, and the Commission is making every effort to address the issue of wait time to resolve complaint files in a timely manner.

All human rights complaints that were accepted before January 1, 2019 and were awaiting assignment for investigation will be handled through the Investigation Stream. This information sheet explains the steps involved in the Investigation Stream.

  1. A human rights officer, who is an expert in human rights law, will contact the complainant and respondent by letter requesting additional information. This information will assist the Director of the Commission (Director) in making a decision as per section 22 of the Alberta Human Rights Act to dismiss, discontinue, or report to the Chief of the Commission and Tribunals (Chief) that the parties have been unable to settle. The complainant and respondent will have 30 days to provide the additional information. The parties will be provided an additional 10 days to respond to the information provided by the other party.
  2. Once this deadline has expired, the Director will review the file and make a decision to either dismiss the complaint, discontinue the complaint, or report to the Chief that the parties were unable to settle. More information on the Tribunal process is available here.
  3. If the Director dismisses the complaint because it has no merit, then the parties will be informed and the complaint will be closed. Information on requesting a review of the Director’s decision is available here.

The expected timeline for addressing the files in the Investigation Stream is four to six months. It is expected that the Investigation Stream will be launched in March 2019.

Contact information
If you have any questions about how this process will apply to your complaint, please contact:
Northern Regional Office: 780-427-7661 (files starting with “N”)
Southern Regional Office: 403-297-6571 (files starting with “S”)
To call toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000 and then enter the area code and phone number.

March 2019

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