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Human rights complaint form and guide

The Alberta Human Rights Act defines what a human rights violation is under Alberta law. The Commission can only accept complaints that include specific elements required by the Act.


If you want to make a complaint of discrimination, you may find it useful to complete this self-assessment. It asks about information you will need to make a complaint. Answer these four yes or no questions to see if your complaint would be likely to fall within the Act.

  1. The Commission can only accept complaints received within one year of the last time you believe you were discriminated against.

    Did at least one of the incidents in question take place less than one year ago?

    Yes or No

  2. Any alleged incident of discrimination must be within provincial jurisdiction. Most organizations in the province are governed by the Alberta Human Rights Act but some fall under federal jurisdiction.

  3. Did the possible discrimination happen in Alberta or by an Alberta organization?

    Yes or No



Revised: February 27, 2020

Our vision is a vibrant and inclusive Alberta where the rich diversity of people is celebrated and respected, and where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in society, free from discrimination.