Respondent's response form

The person or organization against whom a complaint is made is called the respondent. The Response Form helps the respondent to provide detailed information about the issues identified in the complaint. The complaint form specifies the section(s) of the Alberta Human Rights Act on which the complaint is based. A timely response helps to facilitate a fair and balanced resolution of the complaint. If you have any questions about the complaint, please contact us for assistance.

Instructions for the form

Instructions on how to complete the form are in the response form document and the letter the Commission sent you. Upon request, the Commission will email or mail you a large print version of the Response Form.

Completing the form

You can download the form to your computer. Save the form to your computer first. Enter your information on the form and save it. This is the preferred method.

Alternatively, you can print the form and handwrite your response on the form. Please note, if you are printing your complaint form, print the form on one side only, leaving the back pages blank. This also applies to any additional pages.

Add extra pages if you need more space to answer questions, up to a limit of 20 single-sided pages, including the form. The Response Form has a place to list documents (if you have any) that relate to the complaint. Do not send documents, they may be requested later in the complaint process.
Response Form.pdfResponse Form.pdf

Submitting your response form

Guidelines for emailing electronic documents

Email your completed form to Please include the complaint number in the email. A Human Rights Officer will review your response, share it with the Complainant, and advise you on the next step.

If you are not able to email your completed form, send it to the address on the letter you received from the Commission.


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Revised: December 15, 2020

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