Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD)

The Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD) is a UNESCO-led initiative calling on municipalities from across Canada to be part of a larger international coalition of cities to combat racism. Municipal governments, as well as other orders of government in Canada, along with local, national organizations and individuals share responsibility and have an important role to play in combating racism and discrimination and fostering equality and respect for all citizens. CCMARD will broaden and strengthen our society's ability to protect and promote human rights through coordination and shared responsibility among local governments, civil society organizations and other democratic institutions.  

Revised: November 5, 2014 


The Alberta Human Rights Commission is an independent commission of the Government of Alberta.

Due to confidentiality concerns, the Commission cannot reply to complaints of discrimination by email. Please contact the Commission by phone or regular mail if you have a specific complaint.

You can access information about making FOIP requests for records held by the Commission on our Contact us page.

The Commission will make publications available in accessible formats upon request for people with disabilities who do not read conventional print.