Pregnancy, and maternity and parental leave


The Alberta Human Rights Act (AHR Act) prohibits discrimination in the workplace on the basis of gender, including pregnancy and maternity. Denying or restricting employment opportunities in hiring, promotions or transfers because of a woman's pregnancy contravenes the AHR Act. Under the AHR Act, it would be discrimination to:

  • deny a woman a job because she is of childbearing age
  • limit or withhold employment opportunities or training because of pregnancy
  • not assign a female employee to a project because she is pregnant
  • deduct time off for using the washroom frequently
  • terminate the employment of a female employee because she is pregnant or is absent for health-related reasons due to pregnancy
  • fail to accommodate work restrictions that arise due to pregnancy
  • deny sick leave benefits to a pregnant employee
  • make a pregnant employee the subject of offensive, inappropriate comments or jokes

Pregnancy may impact a woman's health. Human rights law requires that employers accommodate, to the point of undue hardship, the health-related consequences of pregnancy.

For comprehensive information related to pregnancy in the workplace and maternity and parental leave, see:

Revised: January 13, 2012



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