Issues that may not fall under the protection of Alberta's human rights law

The Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in certain areas of activity based on specific protected grounds. You can read more about the areas and grounds protected under the Act.

The Commission receives many inquiries about workplace issues that do not fall under the protection of the AHR Act. In those cases, the Commission refers the inquirer to another organization that can help. In some cases, a workplace issue is complex and may relate to one or more laws or regulations.

You can read more about these workplace issues:

You can read more about other legislation related to human rights:

Dress codes, poisoned work environments, and general workplace harassment

The AHR Act applies to dress codes, poisoned work environments and general workplace harassment only when there is discrimination based on the protected grounds in a particular situation. Read more about:

A note about incidents outside Alberta:

The Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in Alberta and applies to Alberta workplaces. Alberta companies who do business outside of Alberta are responsible for complying with the laws of each jurisdiction in which they operate.

Questions about incidents outside Alberta should be addressed on an individual basis because of the complex nature of this area of law. Contact the Commission for more information.

Revised: January 26, 2010


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