Human Rights Project Grants

The Human Rights Project grants are available for non-profit organizations or public institutions to help make changes so that all Albertans have the opportunity to participate in the cultural, social, economic and political life of the province without discrimination.

This grant program supports outcome-based community projects that address discrimination and barriers to equity for all Albertans, including Indigenous people, immigrants, racialized groups, religious minorities, gender and sexual minority groups, and persons with disabilities.

Priority Outcomes

  • Discriminatory barriers that limit participation will  be removed
  • Affected groups or individuals will increase their capacity to overcome and address racism, discrimination and inequality

Project Ideas

This grant has flexibility to advance the work of non-profit organizations and public institutions to best suit the unique needs of applicants and communities to:
  • develop or advance initiatives that remove discriminatory barriers and promote full participation;
  • build capacity for affected groups or individuals to overcome racism and discrimination;
  • create opportunities for Albertans to address the negative impacts of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, and discrimination; and,
  • address the intersection of human rights with issues such as social exclusion, inequality of opportunity, discrimination, racism or other barriers that limit Albertans' ability to be full and contributing members of society.


Human Rights Project grants are available to:

  • registered non-profit organizations and,
  • public institutions

Application Process

  1. Read the Human Rights Project guidelines to determine eligibility.
  2. Learn more about the grant;program and how the process works in;Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  3. Explore tools and resources that might help you develop your project.
  4. If you require consultation services, discuss your proposal ideas with Cam Stewart by email at or phone 403-476-4657. To call toll-free, dial 310-0000 and then enter the area code and phone number.
  5. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The EOI should clearly and concisely explain the proposed activities, how the outcomes address human rights issues and identify which communities of interest will be impacted.
  6. The Expression of Interest undergoes a review after submission. If the proposal has good potential for success in advancing equality and freedom from discrimination, you will be asked to complete a full application. Applications will be reviewed by an external working group.
  7. If you have questions, please contact

The information on this webpage is available in a printer-friendly format.

Grant deadline: Application and information for the 2019-2020 grant period coming soon.

Revised: May 17, 2019



The Alberta Human Rights Commission is an independent commission of the Government of Alberta.

Due to confidentiality concerns, the Commission cannot reply to complaints of discrimination by email. Please contact the Commission by phone or regular mail if you have a specific complaint.

You can access information about making FOIP requests for records held by the Commission on our Contact us page.

The Commission will make publications available in accessible formats upon request for people with disabilities who do not read conventional print.