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Human rights guides, information sheets, and booklets

The Commission publishes human rights guides (formerly referred to as interpretive bulletins), information sheets and booklets related to human rights law. Human rights guides offer a comprehensive discussion of important human rights topics. They cite case law, provide descriptions of legal principles drawn from the case law, and offer practical information. The information sheets cover a range of important human rights issues, providing a brief overview of the topic and, in some instances, citing case law.

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Human rights guides
Information sheets
Becoming a parent in Alberta: human rights, maternity and parental leave, and benefits
Human rights in Alberta (a newspaper-style publication in plain language)

These publications are available in text format and portable document format (PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader).  Please use the PDF version of a given document when printing a copy for personal or professional use when you want to retain formatting and graphics.  To download Adobe Acrobat Reader click on the graphic below. Or order these and other publications online.

Revised: October 3, 2018



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