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Use this form to submit a human rights complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

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Instructions: Human Rights Complaint Form

Purpose of this form

This form collects the information needed to submit a human rights complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission (the Commission, we, us).

Important information

  • If you or someone you name in this complaint may be in danger, contact the police.
  • There is no fee to file a human rights complaint.
  • The Commission may not accept forms that are missing essential information.

Filling in the Complaint Form

  1. Using this online form is the preferred method to submit a complaint. There is a PDF version of this form available if you are unable to use this form.
  2. This form has 15 steps. Your information will not be saved if you close your browser. The Commission website will not time-out if you need to pause while completing the form, just leave the browser tab open. Some browsers may have a security setting that overrides this.
  3. The Commission will only receive your form once you press Submit at the end of the form. At the same time a copy of the completed form will be sent to the email address you provide.
  4. Complete all sections that apply to you to help us assess your complaint.
  5. Items marked with an * must be filled in.
  6. Read the Human Rights Complaint Guide (the guide) as you complete each section of this form.
  7. Contact the Commission if you have questions about completing the form.
  8. At the end of this form you have the opportunity to attach files. You can upload up to 12 pages. If Section G applies to you, it has a limit of 10 additional pages.

Contact Information

Protecting your personal information

The Commission collects your contact information so we can communicate with you during the complaint process.

The Complaint Form begins in the next section, after you complete this contact information. The Commission sends the Complaint Form, not including the contact information, to the person or organization you believe may have discriminated against you, so they can respond to the complaint. We call this person or organization the “respondent.”

The respondent will know your name but we do not share your contact information with the respondent or outside of the Commission unless your complaint reaches a Tribunal.

Your contact information

Put your contact information here if you are the person making this complaint. You will be the “complainant” in the complaint process.

By providing an email address, you understand all future documents and correspondence may be sent by email only.

If you wish, please tell us your pronouns so that we can address you properly (she, he, they, any pronoun, none used, etcetera). You may also leave this box blank

If we are not able to contact you, we may close or dismiss your complaint.