What's new?

This new site reflects shifts in our organization over the past several years to better reach Albertans with key human rights information.

Introducing the Commission’s new website

Welcome to our new website! With this new site, we’ve prioritized accessibility, aiming to better achieve standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We’ve also optimized the placement of content to make sure users can reach the information they’re looking for in three clicks or less. We’ve revised all of our content to ensure it is plain-language, straightforward, and as concise as possible. We’ve also strived to speak to Albertans’ everyday concerns and make human rights topics approachable and clear.

We updated our website with extensive feedback from diverse communities in Alberta. Content has been organized to improve readability and enhance the overall user experience. New features aim to help Albertans better navigate our information and ensure our website is a trusted tool for human rights education.

New website features

  • Online complaint form: the form also includes a new Personal Information section that will allow us to better understand who uses our services.
  • Accessibility features: in addition to adjusting text size, contrast, and magnification, we now provide embedded American Sign Language (ASL) translation videos throughout the site.
  • Education tools: this includes a focus on tangible tools, along with practical ways to prevent discrimination.
  • Mobile-friendly: users can access information from any device.

New website sections

Resources features a list of e-learning materials, reports, and other publications on many human rights topics. Our resources include short information sheets, in-depth human rights guides, brochures, videos, publications, and much more, all in one place.

Also known as our Glossary, you will find a list of all terms defined on the website, including simplified explanations of complex legal terms, along with commonly used terms, such as the protected areas and grounds covered by the Alberta Human Rights Act.

We designed Indigenous human rights specifically to better serve Indigenous people in Alberta. On this page, you’ll find information to help you understand if the Commission can help you with your issue, understand how to request Indigenous cultural practices or customs at any point during our complaint or tribunal process, and learn about progress on the Commission’s Indigenous Human Rights Strategy.

Human rights are rights to live and work without discrimination. They reflect values that keep society equal, fair, and just. About human rights contains information on how to understand and address hate, harassment, racism, discrimination, and much more.

One of the Commission’s key roles is to reduce discrimination in Alberta. Prevention initiatives can help stop discrimination before it occurs. Visit Preventing discrimination to learn about some of the Commissions services, as well as several ways you can prevent and reduce discrimination in your workplaces, schools, businesses, and communities.

Through our education programs and initiatives, the Commission works to proactively eliminate discrimination and barriers to full participation in society. Education and engagement describes ways the Commission works with community stakeholders to promote human rights and prevent discrimination.

Visit Training and development to find information that helps Albertans learn about human rights and create discrimination-free environments.

Explore our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), conveniently located on one page. Our FAQs are also found throughout the website.

We hope this new website helps all Albertans as you seek to uphold human rights and reduce discrimination in your day-to-day lives.

We would like to thank our community stakeholders for their feedback and engagement throughout the website development process, as well as Commission staff for their hard work in making this launch possible.