Litigation Representative Form

Complete this form if you want to act for a minor under the age of 18 or a person who lacks the legal capacity to participate in the complaint process.

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Instructions: Litigation Representative

Purpose of this form

If you are acting as a litigation representative for someone involved in a human rights complaint, this form applies to you. A litigation representative means a person who represents either:

  • A minor under the age of 18. For example, the parent or guardian of a minor.
  • A person who lacks the legal capacity to participate in the complaint process when making or responding to a complaint.

We assume anyone over the age of 18 is legally capable of making their own decisions, unless shown otherwise.

Important information

  • Use this form only if you are a litigation representative. Note that appointing a litigation representative is not a common situation, but one can become involved at any time in the complaint process.
  • Complete this form in addition to a Complaint Form or Response Form.
  • Note the Alberta Human Rights Commission (the Commission, we, us) will review this declaration and may ask for submissions by the parties regarding this litigation representative declaration.

Other situations need a different form

You will need a different form if you are an authorized representative. The authorized representative form is available in a different part of this website and the representation section of the guide has more information.

Filling in this form

  1. Using this online form is the preferred method to tell us about a litigation representative. There is a PDF version of this form available if you are unable to use this online version.
  2. This form has 5 steps. Your information will not be saved if you close your browser. The Commission website will not time-out if you need to pause while completing the form, just leave the browser tab open. Some browsers may have a security setting that overrides this.
  3. The Commission will only receive your form once you press Submit at the end of the form. At the same time a copy of the completed form will be sent to the email address you provide.
  4. Items marked with an * must be filled in.
  5. Contact the Commission if you have questions about completing the form.